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The Church State Council Contradicts Itself


In an attached document on the front page of the Pacific Union's Church State Council website, Alan Reinach states, "In our own advocacy of Proposition 8, there are two points worth repeating here: first, the Church State Council has not opposed gay rights generally, or domestic partner rights in particular."

Not true.

Adventist News

  • A sixteen year old goes on her thirteenth drug free walk to demonstrate you can have a happy life without drugs;

Atlantic Union College and Loma Linda University Explore Options


Loma Linda University in California and Atlantic Union College in Massachusetts announce they have begun exploratory discussions toward a close working relationship between the two Seventh-day Adventist institutions. Academic and financial leadership at both institutions are studying various concerns and possibilities, such as rotating teaching assignments, strengthening existing programs and consolidation of support services. Plans are progressing to develop a proposal for consideration by their respective boards in late October and early November.

'Adventists for Prop. 8' Goes Religious Right?

Last night, the Adventists For Prop. 8 site continued its parroting of the Religious Right by featuring a video of Tony Perkins on its front page.

Tony Perkins is the political front man for James Dobson and has said that the separation of church and state is a "myth."

New Site: Adventist Women and the Earth


Our friend Trisha Famisaran has been working very hard organizing a revolutionary April 24-26 conference entitled:

“Adventist Women & the Earth…a Response to Ecofeminism”

She writes:

Spectrum Live Blog: US Presidential Debate This Evening


The Presidential Town Hall Debate between Obama and McCain will air live tonight, Tuesday October 7th at 9pm eastern, 6pm pacific time on every major broadcast network and every major cable news network.

Time: 9PM ET / 6PM PT

Checking the Church State Council's Facts on Prop. 8 Issues


There are fair questions to be debated about the future social impact of same-sex marriage.

Cutting Off Their Religious Liberty Case to Spite Those Prop 8 No's

At the crossroads of Adventism and Catholicism, blogger Hugo Mendez gets right to the danger inside the Church State Council arguments.

Mendez writes: Oddly, many of the same arguments used by NARLA in that article [against Adventists Against Prop. 8] could easily be used to defend a national Sunday law framed in secular language. I have taken the liberty of making the necessary substitutions:

Spectrum Church | Sub-prime Mortgage Blues

Happy Sabbath!

Giving the news and this last week's blame game over the subprime mortgage crisis, appropriately the Gospel lectionary reading is "The Parable of the Tenants" (Matthew 21:33-46).

Opening Meditation/Prayer

"Sub-prime Mortgage Blues"

Lyrics and Slide Show by Gregg Somerville
Music by Chris Conti

Prop. 8 - A New Site Appears and How


Someone just passed this along after finding it online.

As one can see from the endorsers and theology, it's clear that this new site Adventists For Prop. 8 is supported by some of the media folks surrounding 3ABN and Amazing Facts as well as Weimar and some at the Central Sacramento Church.

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