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Cutting Off Their Religious Liberty Case to Spite Those Prop 8 No's

At the crossroads of Adventism and Catholicism, blogger Hugo Mendez gets right to the danger inside the Church State Council arguments.

Mendez writes: Oddly, many of the same arguments used by NARLA in that article [against Adventists Against Prop. 8] could easily be used to defend a national Sunday law framed in secular language. I have taken the liberty of making the necessary substitutions:

Spectrum Church | Sub-prime Mortgage Blues

Happy Sabbath!

Giving the news and this last week's blame game over the subprime mortgage crisis, appropriately the Gospel lectionary reading is "The Parable of the Tenants" (Matthew 21:33-46).

Opening Meditation/Prayer

"Sub-prime Mortgage Blues"

Lyrics and Slide Show by Gregg Somerville
Music by Chris Conti

Prop. 8 - A New Site Appears and How


Someone just passed this along after finding it online.

As one can see from the endorsers and theology, it's clear that this new site Adventists For Prop. 8 is supported by some of the media folks surrounding 3ABN and Amazing Facts as well as Weimar and some at the Central Sacramento Church.

Watch (and comment): VP Debate Live


Watch and comment on the vice presidential debate at Washington University in St. Louis.

Recorder Covers the 'Adventists Against Prop. 8' News


The Pacific Union Recorder just published a story about the growing controversy over the Church State Council's endorsement of Proposition 8 from a theological perspective.

Ron Numbers: On Palin, "Intelligent Design" and Us


h/t to Julius Nam for passing this along.

Sabbath Afternoon Panel at the Forum Conference


Conversations in the Public Square

Panel: Barry Lynn, Charles Scriven, Avis Buchanan, Ryan Bell, Glenn Coe
Moderated by Roy Branson

Sabbath Worship at the Forum Conference



Worship: The Outer Court as Sacred Space

There was no sermon, instead the liturgy (by Stefanie Johnson) mixed hymns (accompanied by an all teen ladies string quintet from the Orlando area), video interpretations of scripture, public readings, a skit, and a conversation with Roy Branson.

I particularly enjoyed the hymn singing and found new meaning in the words of each hymn in the context of our conversation this weekend about Christians in the Public Square.

The Church Has One Foundation
Faith of Our Fathers
Rise Up Oh Church of God

"The Conversation"

Write Your Own Definition of Marriage


I got to thinking while responding to some comments in the Prop. 8 thread. (Yes, I know - to some readers that may seem like a shocking development:)

But seriously, where did we followers of Christ get sidetracked that we're so focused on defining marriage based on gender?

Adventists Against Prop. 8 - Religious Liberty

A growing number of Adventists are making a strong religious liberty case against the Pacific Union's Church/State Council's endorsement of Proposition 8 in California.

Here I respond to a friend who wondered how far Christian tolerance goes, and then I share how my support for this stand comes from my understanding of the Sabbath:

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