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Next Events at the San Diego Forum

I just got my San Diego Adventist Forum newsletter. Here's what's coming up next. If you're in the area, you might consider stopping by - it's always a good crowd.

November 8 - Jon Paulien, Ph.D.
The Open Remnant: A Biblical and Historical Vision

January 10 - Ivan Blazen Ph.D.
Biblical Texts and Homosexual Practices

February 14 - Gerry Chudleigh
Frameworks that Fail: What's Holding up Your $DA House?

March 14 - Doug Clark, Ph.D.
The Dead Sea Scrolls and Adventism: What's the Importance? What's the Impact?

April 11 - Beatriz Krumbein
Art and Spirituality

Video| Adventist News

  • A South Australian Church doubles its membership in 12 months and runs out of space;
  • Melbourne businessman and his church raise funds and rebuild a medical clinic in the Solomon Islands;
  • ADRA Australia celebrates 25 years with a church service in Sydney;
  • Rejoicing at the General Conference annual meetings in Manilla, Philippines as the church grows to 16 million but express concern over how few read their Bibles regularly;

UCtv|Body Politic: Closing Days of Campaign 08

Peter Gourevitch hosts a lively roundtable on the campaigns homestretch with economist James Hamilton and political scientists Ronnee Schreiber and Thad Kousser. Among the issues: several Props, the economy, the conservative womens movement and the latest twists and turns of this incredible presidential race.

You Know You're a Pathfinder When...


h/t Simone Samuels, admin for the global Oh, We Are the Pathfinders Strong Facebook group.

...Sunday just means work.
...A "friend" doesn't necessarily mean someone who likes you.
...You constantly have to tell people that you are NOT in Scouts or Girl Guides
...Most of your panty hoses (girls) or socks (boys) are black
...The word "track" doesn't correspond to weave/hair extensions or a race, but to paper you hand out as "evangelistic outreach"
...Sleep, especially at camp, is a precious commodity

New Review? or, What's Wrong with Church Hopping?


The Adventist Review has been trumpeting its newness, but frankly, beyond the cosmetic, I'm still curious to see these changes. Bill Knott offers,

"late-breaking stories and compelling cover features matched to the issues Adventists are talking about today. Look for enriched coverage on the AR Web site of the stories and topics that catch—and keep—your interest. Seventy thousand believers visit AR Online every month: you should too."

Introducing: "This I Vote" Series

Picture 9.png

Over the last couple of years, the Spectrum Blog has emerged as the place to talk religion and politics in Adventism.

As a California resident and someone who cares about religious liberty and gender justice, along with the almost two thousand Adventists who've signed either petition, I've been particularly interested in my church and Prop 8.

Video | Adventist News

  • Ex-prisoners in Fiji are given a second chance;
  • Icons felled at Avondale College;
  • Students to get their big break on satellite TV;

Unions, Latinos, Muslims, Management, Adventists


The Wall Street Journal reports that "Claims of religious discrimination filed with federal, state and local agencies have doubled over the past 15 years and rose 15% during 2007 to 4,515, a record."

Martin Gardner on Philosophical Theism, Adventists and Price


The American branch of the Cambridge University Press blog posts a five part interview with former Scientific American and Skeptical Inquirer columnist Martin Gardner. He is one of the world's foremost anti-pseudoscience polemicists.

Here is some context regarding his beliefs and early interest in Adventism.

An Adventist Message Makes the News


The Adventists Against Prop. 8 movement continues with almost 700 signers to the petition and with more than 550 members of the Facebook group.

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