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Alexander Carpenter

InFocus Adventist News

  • Avondale College's School of Aviation reopens;
  • Producer of Adventist Mission DVD gathering stories in the South Pacific;
  • Church plant projects receive $300,000 in funding;
  • Australian Christian musician inspires Adventist students;
  • Adventists around the South Pacific gather at regional meetings.

Studying the Bible: Lectio Divina

In this six minute video, Fr. Jim Martin, associate editor of America magazine and author of My Life with the Saints (2006), introduces the form of prayer known as lectio divina. I've used this method privately as well as in groups. Of course, some Adventists would reject this outright just because of the Jesuit connection. On the other hand, I used to study the Bible with some young conservative Adventists who used essentially this same highly subjective method, just without the Latin name.

Martin Marty on Sex and the Seminary


Last week I posted a new study on sexuality and seminaries. It garnered some interesting conversation.

But, I think that the nadir for me was when one commentator crowed about not being refuted yet here. . .as if this site contains the evidence of the world. If one is right on this site, does that mean anything?

Oakwood Student Selected to Attend Obama Inauguration


The South-Central Conference reports:

The University Presidential Inaugural Conference (UPIC) selects and invites young scholars, outstanding student alumni from around the world to attend annually the inauguration. This year it will truly be an historic event, the swearing in of the First African American President, Barack Hussein Obama. It is a high honor to be considered and accepted by UPIC. Nicole Delores Frazier, an outstanding scholar is on that list.

Science Sabbath: When should your doctor heed his conscience?

A conversation between Janet D. Stemwedel, Ph. D. and Dr. Peter Lipson M. D. about the power relationships of health care providers and patients.

What are the contemporary issues in the ethics and economics of medicine? For example, should a provider refrain from providing care if she/he finds your behavior/lifestyle immortal? Why do these objections disproportionately come up on issues of women's health?

Seminaries Failing To Prepare Clergy To Address Sexuality Issues


This was sent over by a friend and I'm curious how we train our ministers to address sexuality issues.

CHICAGO, January 8, 2009 – United States seminaries and rabbinical schools are failing to prepare the next generation of clergy with the training they need to address sexuality issues in ministry, according to a study released today by the Religious Institute on Sexual Morality, Justice, and Healing and Union Theological Seminary.

Adventist News Roundup

In this Holiday Edition of InFocus Adventist News (from Australia), Bryan Fowler reports on Sanitarium's commitment to continue sponsoring the Weet-Bix Billy Cart Grand Prix at Lilydale Adventist Academy for 2009.

Amy Sullivan vs. Steven Waldman: Religion and Politics in 2009

Noted religion journalists Amy Sullivan (TIME, The Party Faithful) and Steve Waldman, (, Founding Faith) diavlog about the latest hot issues about Christianity in public life.

  • Why Steve likes Rick Warren at the inauguration
  • Is Obama converting Warren into a moderate?

Arts: Mega Churches


I just recently ran across Joseph Johnson's Megachurch portfolio, with the music of recording artist Former Selv. I spent several summers colporteuring among California and Nevada's Mega Church-attending evangelicals.

Upper Columbia Conference and ABC Buildings Burn


The Spokesman-Review reports:

A large fire engulfed most of a church’s regional headquarters Sunday just west of Spokane, displacing the administrative offices for the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s Upper Columbia Conference and destroying a Christian bookstore and retail shop.

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