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Spectrum Podcast: Jason Hines on Prince (Profound + Profane)

Welcome to Spectrum’s new weekly podcast created and hosted by Alexander Carpenter. The main interview is with Jason Hines, Ph.D., on the Adventist connections in Prince’s music he researched while helping MSNBC host Touré with his book: I Would Die 4 U. ​

It also features shorts chats with Jared Wright on the website, Stephanie Ward on the proposed changes to the Seventh-day Adventist corporate logo, and Bonnie Dwyer on the current journal.

Does Adventism Inspire Young Adventists? Alexander Carpenter

On Saturday afternoon, March 12, the Loma Linda University School of Religion Humanities Program hosted an afternoon conversation titled "Does Adventism Inspire Young Adventists?" The event featured a panel of six thirty-somethings with varying ties to Adventist academia: Alexander Carpenter, former professor at Pacific Union College; Eric Carter, assistant professor at Loma Linda University; Janice De-Whyte, assistant professor at LLU; Trisha Famisaran, PhD candidate and former director of La Sierra University's Women's Resource Center; Yi Shen Ma, PhD candidate and Development Directo

I Don't Want to Live on This Planet Anymore

It looked bad the moment we finished setting up the Spectrum booth. Three General Conference Session delegates read the unity statement by our board and wanted to argue about women’s ordination. The loudest of the pastors said it was a “Roman Catholic plot” because it elevates women above God, see Mary. My counterpoint asking why there are no ordained female Catholic priests shockingly didn’t change his mind.

“I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.”

Editorial: A Dream Fulfilled Is a Tree of Life

For those of us entwined in Advent hope, this summer offers a realization.

Large Conversations

Adventism and I have had a rough year. 

The church where my wife and I have our membership went through that well-worn and painful experience of losing a pastor, experiencing conflict with the conference, and dwindling. 

Pacific Union College Students and Faculty Send Messages to "In God's Image" Conference

For many years, students, faculty, and staff at Pacific Union College have gathered bi-weekly to provide support, friendship, and education around human relationships — sexual and spiritual.

Finaliza la campaña evangelística liderada por Ted Wilson en Nueva York

La mayoría de las personas que han asistido a la serie de evangelización de Ted Wilson en Nueva York ya son adventistas del Séptimo Día. Así informan varias personas que han solicitado que sus identidades no sean reveladas.

SPECTRUM ha podido saber que la asistencia media se ha reducido a la mitad desde el primer fin de semana. De entre los asistentes, muchos de los potenciales visitantes han resultado difíciles de localizar por los pastores involucrados.

The Best Is Yet to Come

As I announced at the beginning of June I am handing over the blog today. This doesn't conclude my work with Spectrum—I'm just freeing up some time to get other projects done. Thankfully, Alita Byrd is taking over as interim editor. She's already familiar to many of you through her interviews of interesting Adventists for Spectrum. In fact, she's been involved with Spectrum for two decades.

An Update on Ted Wilson's New York Evangelistic Series

Most of the people attending Ted Wilson’s evangelistic series in New York are already Seventh-day Adventists. That is according to several persons who have requested that their identities not be revealed.

The average attendance has reportedly dropped by half from the opening weekend, and of those, many of the visitor leads have turned out difficult to track down by pastors involved.

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