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"End Black Conferences," Says Prominent White Guy

A prominent white guy has made a strong statement in favor of getting rid of black conferences and congregations in the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

In a sermon broadcast around the world, the white guy said, "It is time to do the loving thing and unify the church by getting rid of the exclusively black organizational structures. They're a blight on our Gospel Witness."

Many people who often express their opinions in CAPS LOCK on Facebook hailed the passionate appeal.

NAD Reminds Adventist Satirists That There Is Nothing Funny About Women's Ordination

At the 2014 NAD Year-End Meetings, President Dan Jackson made a special announcement banning the use of humor or satire in the discussion of female ordination. Jackson reminded everyone that given tense times in the run-up to next year's GC Session vote on female ordination, "no one should so much as smile" while discussing the divisive issue.

Happy Friday From our Adventist Caricaturist Friends

Keep on wrestling, and have a good weekend!

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Fascinating Adventist Mathematics

The good news never ends over at Caricatures of Adventists.

Ellen Pumpkin Carving

In honor of today's auspicious observance of the day of all Hallows (saintly ones) and of the recent Ellen White Conference, I offer you my humble work of art.


Adventist Caricaturist

For KM:

Thanksgiving at the GC - Cartoon

The Adventist News Network reports the church is tightening its belt:

Editoon - Adventist Halloween Costumes

Adventist Costumes

Halloween really spooks some Adventists (no fun intended):

"Seventh-day Adventists recognize that spiritualism has many faces. Some of them may seem harmless and even fun. Nevertheless, they lead children and adults away from God's truth, and can become stepping stones to further entanglement with the occult. Therefore, we do not recommend participation in the celebrations and festivities in connection with Halloween."

Gerhard Pfandl, Ph.D.
Associate Director

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