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Looking Ahead: Upcoming Film Discussions

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As we begin moving toward the holiday season, we anticipate good things coming to theaters near us. That also means conversations here at Spectrum about the films we're watching and the topics they cover.

Speaking of topics, Michael Moore's latest documentary hit the silver screen this weekend. "Capitalism: A Love Story" takes a critical look at economic policy in the United States and where America's economic policies have taken us.

Two young Adventist academics who love film have agreed to share their perspectives on the film, one offering a positive response, and the other a critique.

You can get a head start on what will likely be a robust discussion of economics, moral principles, American values, and the future of the country by purchasing your movie pass before this weekend. Our review is coming soon!

Find out where "Capitalism" is playing near you on or

Following that, we'll be checking out the big screen adaptation of Maurice Sendak's classic, "Where the Wild Things Are," which debuts October 16.

We look forward to your input on this year's Fall films as we discuss art and culture, and their impact on Christian culture.

Join us!

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