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Christian Hospitality

Inspirational Fine Art by Nathan Greene presented by Hart Classical Editions includes the following giclée print availble for $1495. The accompanying text states:

"I Was Thirsty" depicts the true story of Confederate Sergeant Richard Kirkland during the Civil War battle of Fredricksburg. After a fierce battle on Dec 13, 1862, the scene shifted from heavy fighting to intense suffering. Sergeant Kirkland decided to do something about it.

After being ordered not to enter no man's land by his commanding officer, General Joseph Kershaw, he convinced the general to change his mind, and allow him to help the fallen Union enemy soldiers crying for help.

Kirkland gathered all the canteens he could carry and filled them at the near by water well. Then, at extreme risk to himself, he ventured out to help the Federal soldiers. He carried water and warm clothing to the suffering Federal soldiers.

Sergeant Kirkland's heroic act is a perfect example of the spirit of service noted by Jesus in Matthew 25.

So that's what Jesus meant. Shoot someone in defense of slavery, and then heroically give them water as they gasp for breath. And then shoot some more over the next year. Of all the examples of altrustic humanitarian action this does seem like a strange way to illustrate the words of the Prince of Peace. Oh, and by the way, this "true story" probably did not actually occur.

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