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Atlantic Union College Loses Regional Accreditation, But Will Continue

Norman Wendth, President, Atlantic Union College, writes:

Our regional accrediting association, the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, has notified us that they will discontinue our accreditation for financial reasons on July 31, 2011. NEASC will continue its full accreditation of all academic offerings until that date. Atlantic Union College has made arrangements to keep our programs and courses accredited after that date through our sister institution Washington Adventist University. We expect no interruption of service to our students.

It's not exactly new news, but this provokes some questions about how this relationship with Washington Adventist University will work. In a September letter to the continuency, AUC states that it is applying to a national accrediting body. The college expects to be accredited by it before its NEASC support expiries, and this will cover students' credits for many years.


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