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Adventist News

  • Research reveals that Australian youth have poor breakfast habits,
  • Youth anti drug campaign winners makes resources for primary schools,
  • Full time pastors will be missing from all Australian pulpits in February,
  • Kiwi converts baptised through prophecy seminars run by lay church member,
  • Jan Paulsen is the first world President to be interviewed internationally on TV,
  • 230 Adventist schools across the South Pacific rim reopen their doors next week.

This came up on the blog a couple of months ago -- someone sat next to him in Sabbath School in NYC and it looks like ANN is on the story: Adventist elected judge of international criminal court

On the Ground 7 podcast:

  • Church members reflect on the end of Postum.
  • Book review: The Richest Man in Babylon. (Running Time 07:30)

And finally, the Village Voice tells an interesting story of Haitian Adventists dealing with education and language in America:

Ralph Antony and his sister Carla live with their aunt Michelle Xavier and cousins Thierry and Stephanie in a walk-up apartment south of Prospect Park. Devout Seventh-Day Adventists, they are very active in their church. Michelle is a cook at a Seventh-Day Adventist school, Carla (who is taking a semester off from York College) baby-sits for their pastor's children, and Ralph Antony attended a Seventh-Day Adventist high school in Port-au-Prince, where he learned some English.

While Carla and Michelle sat on a beige couch in their Brooklyn apartment and Thierry and Ralph Antony stood nearby, they related the tale of their quest to get Ralph Antony into a high school, each picking up as the other left off and translating each other at times. Ralph Antony had carefully saved all his papers, and Carla clicked on her cellphone calendar to verify the dates on which things happened.

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